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    • MLB Manager Ron Washington -- I Cheated On My Wife ... That's Why I Quit
      Former Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington is finally revealing why he quit the team -- saying, "I was not true to my wife after 42 years."Washington left the team on Sept. 5th -- citing personal issues ... and hadn't elaborated on the nature of…
    • Johnny Weir's Hubby Sues-- He Said I Had Herpes And Tried To Rape Him
      Olympic skater Johnny Weir spins lies as easily as he performs triple salchows ... according to hubby Victor Voronov -- who's suing Johnny for accusing him of attempted rape and contracting an STD.Victor -- who's in the middle of an ugly divorce…
    • Robin Thicke -- Stranded in Cabo
      Robin Thicke must feel like wherever he goes, trouble follows, because we found out he was stranded in Cabo with 30,000 other tourists and was treated like one of the crowd.Robin was there with his son and nanny ... vacationing when Hurricane Odile…
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