Kim Kardashian Upset Over Turkish Cosmo Cover, Offends Fellow Armenians


Kim Kardashian is truly taking the world by storm, and becoming a global celebrity brand, so when we hear that she is gracing the cover of this month’s Cosmopolitan Magazine in Turkey, it really is no surprise. However, unfortunately for her being of Armenian descent, this month in Turkey is also the Genocide Remembrance Day, which commemorates the victims of the 1915 Armenian genocide by the Turks, which makes her being chosen as the cover girl a little bit surprising…. and a lot controversial.

The Armenian community here in America is offended by the cover, considering that Turkey have never fully acknowledged the genocide which killed millions of Armenians. According to the New York Daily News, Aram Hamparian, who is the the executive director of the Armenian National Committee of America, said that the magazine was;

“Trying to turn a profit in Turkey by callously featuring a cover photo of a descendant of Armenian genocide survivors in its April issue…. Cosmopolitan should find creative ways to educate its readers about the Turkish government’s shameful effort to cover up this atrocity”

Kim took to her blog trying to soften the controversy, by claiming that she didn’t know Turkey was planning to use her image this month. She wrote;

“Cosmopolitan Magazine has a number of international editions all around the world that run in various territories, and when I did this shoot for the international covers I had no idea that Turkey was planning to run my story on their cover THIS month, considering Genocide Remembrance Day is this month… My Armenian heritage means a lot to me and I’ve been brought up to be incredibly proud of my family’s background and culture so as an Armenian-American woman it is a huge honor for me to be on the first ever Armenian Cosmopolitan cover.”

Ok, I get that she is all about moving her career forward (and we all know how much she loves to be in front of the camera), but I find it really, really hard to believe that she would do a photo-shoot for any magazine, let alone one as professional and reputable as Cosmopolitan, and not know when the cover was going to run. Really, Kim?

But credit where it’s due, being the first ever Armenian cover girl IS a big accomplishment, and I do have to agree with this statement; “World-over, Cosmo is known as a fun and inspiring magazine for women of all races, shapes, sizes, regardless of their political beliefs and I really hope that if I can bring awareness to the issue, then this in an accomplishment.”

Well, judging by the publicity her cover has already created, she certainly has managed to do just that!



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