Uncle Luke Denies Making Only $250 At Campaign Fundraiser

Uncle Luke Denies Making Only $250 At Campaign Fundraiser

Earlier this week, reports claimed Luther Campbell‘s run for mayor of Miami got off to a slow start.

According to reports, Luke only made $250 at a recent fundraiser, leaving his campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars behind his competition.

But a recent statement released by Campbell denies these claims.

Campbell said in his recent statement:

“Recent reports online and on the radio claim that I raised “only” $250 during a fundraiser in support of my current bid for Mayor of Miami-Dade County. These reports are wrong, but not by a lot. My campaign is not rolling in dough. There are no lobbyists or special interest groups supporting me. My campaign runs on donations from everyday people of $5 dollars at a time. I never expected to raise $50,000 at a fundraiser. I raised close to two thousand dollars at the fundraiser in question, which can be checked with the Dade County Elections Bureau, but let’s say I “only” raised $250 on that day. That means fifty every day citizens believed enough in me to give me five dollars a piece, and I am okay with that.”

“I am going door-to-door talking to individuals, gaining their respect all while I am growing in the polls,” the statement continued. “Recent polls in Miami are showing me in second place tying with Gimenez. 62% of the folks in Miami are still undecided and I do plan to win those votes. So you tell me what matters: the people or the money? When we win, I guess we will be called rocket scientists because we did it our way. I am the kind of politician that works for the people and not the man.”

Although, whether Luke raised $250 or $2,000 during his recent fundraiser, that’s still puts him $148,750 to $597,750 behind leading fundraiser efforts of other mayoral candidates.

It’s hard to raise money from every day citizens when gas prices are $4.00 a gallon. Campbell may want to rethink his campaign strategy.

You’re not selling albums here, Luke.

Campbell has less than a month to get it together. The election will be held on May 24.

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