Mo’Nique Invites Spike Lee And Tyler Perry To End The Feud On Her Show

Mo’Nique Invites Spike Lee And Tyler Perry To Resolve Their Differences Face To Face

Comparing his rift with Spike Lee to W.E.B Dubois and Booker T. Washington’s argument about what was right for Black people, Tyler Perry sat with talk show host, Mo’Nique to discuss his issues with the criticism he’s received.

The Madea star proclaimed that he would have much more respect for Spike if he would have addressed him directly instead of turning to the media. “He’s a brilliant film maker. There’s a lot of things that he could share with me, but for some reason we don’t do that,” said Perry.

The successful actor/director pointed out how “hard it is for black people in Hollywood” and he sounded very hurt that Spike would insult his work and his viewers although he claimed to be over it.

The Queen of Late Night raised the stakes by asking Tyler if he would be willing to confront Spike Lee live on her show for the public to see to which he responded, “Let’s make it happen.”

The two conflicting styles that made Lee and Perry famous directors attract national audiences of all colors.

Although Mo’Nique’s boisterous style is often comical and misguided, she may have a point with her statement about a union between the two icons.

“You both are geniuses at what you do,” Mo’Nique said. “Imagine if Tyler Perry and Spike Lee got together, how powerful that would be.”


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