Amber Rose Responds To Natalie Nunn

As you know, Natalie Nunn and Amber Rose have had an ongoing “Twitter beef”, calling each other out and throwing virtual punches at one another over none other than Pittsburgh rapper, Wiz Khalifa. The whole mess started when Natalie got word that Amber was dating Wiz after she and Wiz dated briefly. Things got a little messy a few weeks ago when the two ladies went at it on Twitter and Natalie called Amber out, saying that she had her “sloppy seconds”.

It seems as though the beef has been at a stand still lately and we haven’t really heard anything from either parties on the topic in a couple of weeks- until now. Amber Rose decided to take the high road, and release this video in response to the beef with reality star Natalie Nunn. In the video, Amber seems to be all about positivity and uplifting, I guess attempting to squash the beef.

We’ll see if Natalie has anything to say back.

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