Nicki Minaj Drops Diddy For Drake’s Manager

Nicki Minaj has dropped Diddy as her manager, according to XXL. We can’t say we’re surprised: this business arrangement has been doomed from the start.

First, after firing Debbie Antney as her manager, and coming up short when trying to work with Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, Nicki Minaj and Diddy joined forces. Read about that here: Diddy Is Nicki Minaj’s New Manager! No, Seriously.

Then, a fake press release hit the internet claiming Nicki had dumped Diddy and replaced him with Benny Medina: Nicki Minaj Drops Diddy As Manager: “I Didn’t Get The Guidance I Was Supposed To”

But, later, Nicki used Twitter to prove that the press release was false: Nicki Minaj Did NOT Fire Diddy As Her Manager [UPDATE]

However, now it seems, history is repeating itself – for real this time. XXL has confirmed that Nicki has parted ways with Diddy and is now being managed by the men of Hip-Hop Since 1978, Gee Roberson and Kyambo Joshua. They also have Lil Wayne, Drake and Young Jeezy on their roster.

Although the reason for her departure isn’t clear, another source tells XXL that Minaj was under the impression that Diddy would be more hands-on with her career, but was disappointed when she realized it wasn’t the case.

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  1. I never quite understand how diddy wanted to manage her but not sign on his label. #makesnosense

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