Just How Small Are Cee-Lo Green’s Hands?

I  watched The Voice on Tuesday expecting to hate it. I didn’t. It’s kind of entertaining. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about the size of Cee-Lo Green‘s hands.

Have you seen those things? They are so tiny!! And he is constantly using them when he talks.

I didn’t hear a thing Cee-Lo said on the show because I was so focused on his miniature extremities.

After the jump, we’ll take an in-depth look at just how small Cee-Lo Green’s hands are.

Who, me? Small hands? Yes, you.

I guarantee you that is a child-sized microphone.

So cute when he twirls them around.

Not even his Al Roker disguise can hide the size of Cee-Lo’s hands.

I know, I know, fuck me.

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  1. this is just a copy of tosh.0..what a ripoff.

  2. I wondered same thing! hahaha. I’m from Argentina…and when I realized about Cee Lo’s hands, I wondered if is that normal or some kind of congenital disease … I just needed to google these words… “cee lo hands” …And your post appeared haha. Good job, I don’t feel alone with my perceptions ahah. Greetings from Buenos Aires.

  3. I thought he just a giant dwarf.

  4. My dad just asked the same thing…

  5. lol people need to calm down im sure Cee-Lo can take a joke…also you know what they say about a guy with small hands…

  6. wow i find you to be a huge douche, he can’t help it, im sure there are things wrong with you too

    • Famous Amos

      Only thing wrong with me is my cock is so big it keeps slapping you across the face everytime I whip it out to show your mom

  7. party in my hands


    Let this be your first, and last, attempt at comedy.

  8. Im glad im not the only one that thinks he has baby hands on a grown mans body! I seriously think and umpa loompas hands are bigger! The munchkins in the wizard of oz would laugh at the size of those things! If his hands are that small how big do u think his feet are cause if they are just as small I don’t know how he stands

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